Commit 500cbe57 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(Bindat Spec): Vector types can have optional element type.

(Bindat Examples): Fix example.  Add vector with element type.
parent 4ebb03e6
......@@ -2146,8 +2146,11 @@ String of length @var{len}.
@item strz @var{len}
Zero-terminated string, in a fixed-size field with length @var{len}.
@item vec @var{len}
Vector of @var{len} bytes.
@item vec @var{len} [@var{type}]
Vector of @var{len} elements of type @var{type}, or bytes if not
@var{type} is specified.
The @var{type} is any of the simple types above, or another vector
specified as a list @code{(vec @var{len} [@var{type}])}.
@item ip
Four-byte vector representing an Internet address. For example:
......@@ -2429,13 +2432,14 @@ struct header @{
struct data @{
unsigned char type;
unsigned char opcode;
unsigned long length; /* In little endian order */
unsigned long length; /* In network byte order */
unsigned char id[8]; /* null-terminated string */
unsigned char data[/* (length + 3) & ~3 */];
struct packet @{
struct header header;
unsigned short counters[4]; /* In little endian order */
unsigned char items;
unsigned char filler[3];
struct data item[/* items */];
......@@ -2455,13 +2459,14 @@ The corresponding data layout specification:
(setq data-spec
'((type u8)
(opcode u8)
(length u16r) ;; little endian order
(length u32) ;; network byte order
(id strz 8)
(data vec (length))
(align 4)))
(setq packet-spec
'((header struct header-spec)
(counters vec 4 u16r) ;; little endian order
(items u8)
(fill 3)
(item repeat (items)
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