Commit 501ad546 authored by Vibhav Pant's avatar Vibhav Pant
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bytecomp.el: Avoid unnecessary calculation for jump table addresses.

* lisp/emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el (byte-compile-lapcode): Don't do
  redundant operations while calculating the correct jump addresses
  from TAGs in jump tables.
parent 236648fe
......@@ -911,16 +911,21 @@ CONST2 may be evaluated multiple times."
;; Patch tag PCs into absolute jumps.
(dolist (bytes-tail patchlist)
(setq pc (caar bytes-tail)) ; Pick PC from goto's tag.
;; Splits PC's value into 2 bytes. The jump address is
;; "reconstructued" by the `FETCH2' macro in `bytecode.c'.
(setcar (cdr bytes-tail) (logand pc 255))
(setcar bytes-tail (lsh pc -8))
;; FIXME: Replace this by some workaround.
(if (> (car bytes-tail) 255) (error "Bytecode overflow")))
;; Similarly, replace TAGs in all jump tables with the correct PC index.
(dolist (hash-table byte-compile-jump-tables)
(maphash #'(lambda (value tag)
(setq pc (cadr tag))
(puthash value (+ (logand pc 255) (lsh (lsh pc -8) 8))
;; We don't need to split PC here, as it is stored as a lisp
;; object in the hash table (whereas other goto-* ops store
;; it within 2 bytes in the byte string).
(puthash value pc hash-table))
(apply 'unibyte-string (nreverse bytes))))
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