Commit 50414e94 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier Committed by Andreas Schwab
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* lisp/subr.el (redisplay-dont-pause): Mark as obsolete.

* doc/lispref/display.texi (Forcing Redisplay): Remove references to
redisplay-dont-pause and redisplay-preemption-period (which doesn't
even exist).
parent 88bc8332
......@@ -87,10 +87,7 @@ waiting for input.
@defun redisplay &optional force
This function tries immediately to redisplay. The optional argument
@var{force}, if non-@code{nil}, forces the redisplay to be performed,
instead of being preempted, even if input is pending and the variable
@code{redisplay-dont-pause} is @code{nil} (see below). If
@code{redisplay-dont-pause} is non-@code{nil} (the default), this
function redisplays in any case, i.e., @var{force} does nothing.
instead of being preempted if input is pending.
The function returns @code{t} if it actually tried to redisplay, and
@code{nil} otherwise. A value of @code{t} does not mean that
......@@ -98,28 +95,6 @@ redisplay proceeded to completion; it could have been preempted by
newly arriving input.
@end defun
@defvar redisplay-dont-pause
If this variable is @code{nil}, arriving input events preempt
redisplay; Emacs avoids starting a redisplay, and stops any redisplay
that is in progress, until the input has been processed. In
particular, @code{(redisplay)} returns @code{nil} without actually
redisplaying, if there is pending input.
The default value is @code{t}, which means that pending input does not
preempt redisplay.
@end defvar
@defvar redisplay-preemption-period
If @code{redisplay-dont-pause} is @code{nil}, this variable specifies
how many seconds Emacs waits between checks for new input during
redisplay; if input arrives during this interval, redisplay stops and
the input is processed. The default value is 0.1; if the value is
@code{nil}, Emacs does not check for input during redisplay.
This variable has no effect when @code{redisplay-dont-pause} is
non-@code{nil} (the default).
@end defvar
@defvar pre-redisplay-function
A function run just before redisplay. It is called with one argument,
the set of windows to redisplay.
......@@ -27,6 +27,9 @@ otherwise leave it unmarked.
** The default value of `history-length' has increased to 100.
** `redisplay-dont-pause' is declared as obsolete.
* Changes in Specialized Modes and Packages in Emacs 24.5
......@@ -1312,6 +1312,7 @@ is converted into a string by expressing it in decimal."
(make-obsolete-variable 'redisplay-end-trigger-functions 'jit-lock-register "23.1")
(make-obsolete-variable 'deferred-action-list 'post-command-hook "24.1")
(make-obsolete-variable 'deferred-action-function 'post-command-hook "24.1")
(make-obsolete-variable 'redisplay-dont-pause nil "24.5")
(make-obsolete 'window-redisplay-end-trigger nil "23.1")
(make-obsolete 'set-window-redisplay-end-trigger nil "23.1")
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