Commit 50802fa8 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* cua-rect.el (cua--activate-rectangle): Avoid setting cua--rectangle to nil.

Fixes: debbugs:17877
parent 41cd2704
2014-07-06 Glenn Morris <>
* emulation/cua-rect.el (cua--activate-rectangle):
Avoid setting cua--rectangle to nil. (Bug#17877)
2014-07-06 Stephen Berman <>
* calendar/todo-mode.el: Fix wrong-type-argument error when
......@@ -726,11 +726,11 @@ If command is repeated at same position, delete the rectangle."
;; Set cua--rectangle to indicate we're marking a rectangle.
;; Be careful if we are already marking a rectangle.
(setq cua--rectangle
(if (and cua--last-rectangle
(or (and cua--last-rectangle
(eq (car cua--last-rectangle) (current-buffer))
(eq (car (cdr cua--last-rectangle)) (point)))
(cdr (cdr cua--last-rectangle))
(eq (car (cdr cua--last-rectangle)) (point))
(cdr (cdr cua--last-rectangle)))
cua--status-string (if (cua--rectangle-virtual-edges) " [R]" "")
cua--last-rectangle nil)
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