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2005-09-30 David Ponce <>
* NEWS: Update recentf changes.
2005-09-28 Simon Josefsson <>
* GNUS-NEWS: Fix IDNA notes.
2005-09-30 David Ponce <>
* tree-widget.el (tree-widget-themes-load-path): New variable.
(tree-widget-themes-directory): Doc fix.
(tree-widget-image-formats) [Emacs]: Doc fix.
(tree-widget--locate-sub-directory): New function.
(tree-widget-themes-directory): Use it.
* recentf.el (recentf-filename-handlers): Rename from
`recentf-filename-handler'. Allow a list of functions.
(recentf-menu-items-for-commands): Fix :help strings.
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