Commit 50be475d authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(line-move): If moving into intangible text,

try to move to the end of the intangible segment if it's on that line.

(completion-setup-function): Do set completion-base-size.

(do-auto-fill): Don't give fill-context-prefix a third arg.
parent 25ac13b5
......@@ -1943,11 +1943,26 @@ Outline mode sets this."
(setq arg (1+ arg))))
(let ((buffer-invisibility-spec nil))
(move-to-column (or goal-column temporary-goal-column))))
(setq new (point))
;; If we are moving into some intangible text,
;; look for following text on the same line which isn't intangible
;; and move there.
(let ((after (and (< new (point-max))
(get-char-property new 'intangible)))
(before (and (> new (point-min))
(get-char-property (1- new) 'intangible)))
(when (and before (eq before after))
(setq line-end (save-excursion (end-of-line) (point)))
(goto-char (point-min))
(let ((inhibit-point-motion-hooks nil))
(goto-char new))
(if (<= new line-end)
(setq new (point)))))
;; Remember where we moved to, go back home,
;; then do the motion over again
;; in just one step, with intangibility and point-motion hooks
;; enabled this time.
(setq new (point))
(goto-char opoint)
(setq inhibit-point-motion-hooks nil)
(goto-char new)))
......@@ -2556,10 +2571,7 @@ Setting this variable automatically makes it local to the current buffer."
(let ((prefix
(save-excursion (backward-paragraph 1) (point))
(save-excursion (forward-paragraph 1) (point))
;; Don't accept a non-whitespace fill prefix
;; from the first line of a paragraph.
"^[ \t]*$")))
(save-excursion (forward-paragraph 1) (point)))))
(and prefix (not (equal prefix ""))
(setq fill-prefix prefix))))
......@@ -3400,9 +3412,18 @@ If this function moves point, it can alter the end of that completion.")
(make-local-variable 'completion-reference-buffer)
(setq completion-reference-buffer mainbuf)
;;; The value 0 is right in most cases, but not for file name completion.
;;; so this has to be turned off.
;;; (setq completion-base-size 0)
(if (eq minibuffer-completion-table 'read-file-name-internal)
;; For file name completion,
;; use the number of chars before the start of the
;; last file name component.
(setq completion-base-size
(set-buffer mainbuf)
(goto-char (point-max))
(skip-chars-backward (format "^%c" directory-sep-char))
(- (point) (point-min))))
;; Otherwise, the whole input is the text being completed.
(setq completion-base-size 0))
(goto-char (point-min))
(if window-system
(insert (substitute-command-keys
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