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Support Tooltips with the Carbon emacs port.

Some code cleanup using helper macros.
parent f2f82fa4
2004-05-29 YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu <>
* macfns.c: Don't include ccl.h.
[MAC_OSX]: Don't include QuickTime/QuickTime.h.
[!MAC_OSX]: Don't include alloca.h, Windows.h, Gestalt.h, or
(Fx_create_frame): Sync with xfns.c. Initialize cursor
(Fx_display_mm_height, Fx_display_mm_width): Calculate length from
display height/width.
(compute_tip_xy, Vx_max_tooltip_size): Declare.
(unwind_create_tip_frame, compute_tip_xy): New functions.
(x_create_tip_frame, Fx_show_tip, Fx_hide_tip): Sync with xfns.c.
(syms_of_macfns): Initialize Qcancel_timer, Vx_max_tooltip_size,
and last_show_tip_args.
* macgui.h [!MAC_OSX]: Include Gestalt.h.
(Cursor, No_Cursor): New defines.
[!TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON] (SetPortWindowPort): New compatibility
[!TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON] (arrow_cursor): Declare.
* macmenu.c (mac_menu_show, mac_dialog): Use SetPortWindowPort.
* macterm.c: Don't include Gestalt.h.
(enum mouse_tracking_type, mouse_tracking_in_progress): Remove.
(XDrawLine, XClearArea, XClearWindow, mac_draw_bitmap)
(mac_set_clip_rectangle, mac_reset_clipping, XCreatePixmap)
(XFillRectangle, mac_draw_rectangle, mac_draw_string_common)
(mac_copy_area, mac_copy_area_with_mask, x_update_end)
(construct_mouse_click, XTmouse_position)
(x_scroll_bar_report_motion, x_calc_absolute_position)
(do_mouse_moved, do_zoom_window, mac_do_receive_drag)
(XTread_socket, make_mac_frame): Use SetPortWindowPort.
(note_mouse_movement): Clear the mouse face and reset the pointer
shape when the pointer goes outside the frame without grabbing.
(mac_front_window): New function.
(mac_window_to_frame): New macro.
(XTmouse_position, x_scroll_bar_report_motion, do_window_update)
(do_window_activate, do_window_deactivate, do_app_resume)
(do_app_suspend, do_mouse_moved, do_menu_choice, do_grow_window)
(do_zoom_window, mac_do_receive_drag, XTread_socket)
(mac_check_for_quit_char): Use mac_front_window and/or
(x_scroll_bar_handle_click): Set `(PORTION . WHOLE)' part in a
scroll-bar click event.
(mac_define_frame_cursor): Change the pointer shape.
(x_free_frame_resources): Reset tip_window to NULL when it is
[!TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON] (arrow_cursor): New variable.
[!TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON] (do_init_managers): Initialize
(do_window_update): Don't do anything if the updated window is the
tooltip window.
(do_mouse_moved): Handle mouse movement events here (previously in
XTread_socket). Clear the mouse face if
dpyinfo->mouse_face_hidden is set.
(do_os_event, do_events): Remove (now in XTread_socket).
(XTread_socket): Immediately return if interrupt_input_blocked.
Loop until all the events in the queue are processed. Rearrange
codes for mouse grabbing. Add tooltip support. Include the
contents of do_os_event and do_events. Remove mouse movement
handling (now in do_mouse_moved). Add the case where
Vmouse_highlight has an integer value.
(NewMacWindow): Remove.
(make_mac_frame): Do what NewMacWindow previously did. Don't do
excess initializations.
(make_mac_terminal_frame): Previous initializations in
make_mac_frame are moved here.
(mac_initialize_display_info): Initialize
dpyinfo->mouse_face_overlay and dpyinfo->mouse_face_hidden.
* xdisp.c [MAC_OS] (No_Cursor): Remove variable.
(define_frame_cursor1): Don't treat HAVE_CARBON as a special case.
2004-05-29 Richard M. Stallman <> 2004-05-29 Richard M. Stallman <>
* lisp.h (truncate_undo_list): Update decl. * lisp.h (truncate_undo_list): Update decl.
This diff is collapsed.
...@@ -57,16 +57,27 @@ typedef unsigned long Time; ...@@ -57,16 +57,27 @@ typedef unsigned long Time;
#undef init_process #undef init_process
#define init_process emacs_init_process #define init_process emacs_init_process
typedef struct OpaqueWindowPtr* Window;
#else #else
#include <QuickDraw.h> /* for WindowPtr */ #include <QuickDraw.h> /* for WindowPtr */
#include <QDOffscreen.h> /* for GWorldPtr */ #include <QDOffscreen.h> /* for GWorldPtr */
#include <Controls.h> /* for ControlHandle in xdisp.c */ #include <Controls.h> /* for ControlHandle in xdisp.c */
typedef WindowPtr Window; #include <Gestalt.h>
#endif #endif
typedef GWorldPtr Pixmap; typedef GWorldPtr Pixmap;
typedef struct OpaqueWindowPtr *Window;
#define Cursor ThemeCursor
#define No_Cursor (-1)
typedef WindowPtr Window;
#define SetPortWindowPort(w) SetPort(w)
#define Cursor CursHandle
#define No_Cursor (0)
extern CursPtr arrow_cursor;
#define FACE_DEFAULT (~0) #define FACE_DEFAULT (~0)
...@@ -1784,11 +1784,7 @@ mac_menu_show (f, x, y, for_click, keymaps, title, error) ...@@ -1784,11 +1784,7 @@ mac_menu_show (f, x, y, for_click, keymaps, title, error)
pos.h = x; pos.h = x;
pos.v = y; pos.v = y;
SetPort (GetWindowPort (FRAME_MAC_WINDOW (f)));
LocalToGlobal (&pos); LocalToGlobal (&pos);
...@@ -1942,11 +1938,7 @@ mac_dialog (widget_value *wv) ...@@ -1942,11 +1938,7 @@ mac_dialog (widget_value *wv)
window_ptr = GetNewCWindow (DIALOG_WINDOW_RESOURCE, NULL, (WindowPtr) -1); window_ptr = GetNewCWindow (DIALOG_WINDOW_RESOURCE, NULL, (WindowPtr) -1);
#if TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON SetPortWindowPort (window_ptr);
SetPort (GetWindowPort (window_ptr));
SetPort (window_ptr);
TextFont (0); TextFont (0);
/* Left and right margins in the dialog are 13 pixels each.*/ /* Left and right margins in the dialog are 13 pixels each.*/
...@@ -1964,11 +1956,7 @@ mac_dialog (widget_value *wv) ...@@ -1964,11 +1956,7 @@ mac_dialog (widget_value *wv)
SizeWindow (window_ptr, dialog_width, 78, 0); SizeWindow (window_ptr, dialog_width, 78, 0);
ShowWindow (window_ptr); ShowWindow (window_ptr);
#if TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON SetPortWindowPort (window_ptr);
SetPort (GetWindowPort (window_ptr));
SetPort (window_ptr);
TextFont (0); TextFont (0);
This diff is collapsed.
...@@ -198,8 +198,6 @@ Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. */ ...@@ -198,8 +198,6 @@ Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. */
#endif #endif
#ifdef MAC_OS #ifdef MAC_OS
#include "macterm.h" #include "macterm.h"
Cursor No_Cursor;
#endif #endif
...@@ -20638,11 +20636,7 @@ define_frame_cursor1 (f, cursor, pointer) ...@@ -20638,11 +20636,7 @@ define_frame_cursor1 (f, cursor, pointer)
cursor = FRAME_X_OUTPUT (f)->nontext_cursor; cursor = FRAME_X_OUTPUT (f)->nontext_cursor;
} }
if (cursor != No_Cursor) if (cursor != No_Cursor)
if (bcmp (&cursor, &No_Cursor, sizeof (Cursor)))
rif->define_frame_cursor (f, cursor); rif->define_frame_cursor (f, cursor);
} }
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