Commit 50c29104 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(transform-make-coding-system-args): New function.

(make-coding-system): Accept XEmacs style arguments.
parent 1c8102ff
......@@ -3,7 +3,8 @@
* international/mule.el (decode-char): Fix conditions.
(encode-char): Handle eight-bit-control too.
(transform-make-coding-system-args): New function.
(make-coding-system): Accept XEmacs style arguments.
(make-coding-system): Accept XEmacs style arguments for CCL base
coding system.
2001-01-15 Gerd Moellmann <>
......@@ -620,6 +620,33 @@ formats (e.g. iso-latin-1-unix, koi8-r-dos)."
(setq i (1+ i)))
(defun transform-make-coding-system-args (name type &optional doc-string props)
"For internal use only.
Transform XEmacs style args for `make-coding-system' to Emacs style.
Value is a list of transformed arguments."
(let ((mnemonic (string-to-char (or (plist-get props 'mnemonic) "?")))
(eol-type (plist-get props 'eol-type))
properties tmp)
((eq eol-type 'lf) (setq eol-type 'unix))
((eq eol-type 'crlf) (setq eol-type 'dos))
((eq eol-type 'cr) (setq eol-type 'mac)))
(if (setq tmp (plist-get props 'post-read-conversion))
(setq properties (plist-put properties 'post-read-conversion tmp)))
(if (setq tmp (plist-get props 'pre-write-conversion))
(setq properties (plist-put properties 'pre-write-conversion tmp)))
((eq type 'ccl)
`(,name 4
(,(plist-get props 'decode) . ,(plist-get props 'encode))
(error "Unsupported XEmacs style arguments for make-coding-style: %S"
`(,name ,type ,doc-string ,props))))))
(defun make-coding-system (coding-system type mnemonic doc-string
......@@ -714,6 +741,22 @@ treated as a compiled CCL code.
2. If PROPERTIES is just a list of character sets, the list is set as
a value of `safe-charsets' in PLIST."
;; For compatiblity with XEmacs, we check the type of TYPE. If it
;; is a symbol, perhaps, this fucntion is called with arguments of
;; XEmacs style. Here, try to transform that kind of arguments to
;; Emacs style.
(if (symbolp type)
(let ((args (transform-make-coding-system-args coding-system type
mnemonic doc-string)))
(setq coding-system (car args)
type (nth 1 nargs)
mnemonic (nth 2 args)
doc-string (nth 3 args)
flags (nth 4 args)
properties (nth 5 args)
eol-type (nth 6 args))))
;; Set a value of `coding-system' property.
(let ((coding-spec (make-vector 5 nil))
(no-initial-designation t)
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