Commit 50d92538 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(ps-mule-encode-header-string, ps-mule-begin-page)

(ps-mule-prepare-ascii-font, ps-mule-set-ascii-font)
(ps-mule-initialize, ps-mule-begin-job): Declare as functions.
parent 14ecd9e4
......@@ -4908,6 +4908,14 @@ page-height == ((floor print-height ((th + ls) * zh)) * ((th + ls) * zh)) - th
ps-rf-cache (ps-generate-string-list ps-right-footer)))
(append ps-lh-cache ps-rh-cache ps-lf-cache ps-rf-cache))
;; All autoloads.
(declare-function ps-mule-encode-header-string "ps-mule")
(declare-function ps-mule-begin-page "ps-mule")
(declare-function ps-mule-prepare-ascii-font "ps-mule")
(declare-function ps-mule-set-ascii-font "ps-mule")
(declare-function ps-mule-initialize "ps-mule")
(declare-function ps-mule-begin-job "ps-mule")
;; These functions insert the arrays that define the contents of the headers.
(defun ps-generate-header-line (fonttag &optional content)
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