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* doc/emacs/misc.texi (Amusements): Mention bubbles and animate.

parent 635f7282
2010-08-21 Glenn Morris <>
* misc.texi (Amusements): Mention bubbles and animate.
2010-06-23 Glenn Morris <>
* abbrevs.texi, basic.texi, buffers.texi, building.texi, calendar.texi:
......@@ -2784,6 +2784,10 @@ bored, try an argument of 9. Sit back and watch.
If you want a little more personal involvement, try @kbd{M-x gomoku},
which plays the game Go Moku with you.
@findex bubbles
@kbd{M-x bubbles} is a game in which the object is to remove as many
bubbles as you can in the smallest number of moves.
@findex blackbox
@findex mpuz
@findex 5x5
......@@ -2832,6 +2836,11 @@ bats.
@kbd{M-x solitaire} plays a game of solitaire in which you jump pegs
across other pegs.
@findex animate-birthday-present
@cindex animate
The @code{animate} package makes text dance. For an example, try
@kbd{M-x animate-birthday-present}.
@findex studlify-region
@cindex StudlyCaps
@kbd{M-x studlify-region} studlify-cases the region, producing
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