Commit 510d5bf6 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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......@@ -2180,21 +2180,27 @@ set_frame_menubar (f, first_time, deep_p)
/* If there has been no change in the Lisp-level contents
of the menu bar, skip redisplaying it. Just exit. */
/* Compare the new menu items with the ones computed last time. */
for (i = 0; i < previous_menu_items_used; i++)
if (menu_items_used == i
|| (!EQ (previous_items[i], XVECTOR (menu_items)->contents[i])))
if (i == menu_items_used && i == previous_menu_items_used && i != 0)
/* The menu items have not changed. Don't bother updating
the menus in any form, since it would be a no-op. */
free_menubar_widget_value_tree (first_wv);
discard_menu_items ();
unbind_to (specpdl_count, Qnil);
/* The menu items are different, so store them in the frame. */
f->menu_bar_vector = menu_items;
f->menu_bar_items_used = menu_items_used;
/* This calls restore_menu_items to restore menu_items, etc.,
as they were outside. */
unbind_to (specpdl_count, Qnil);
/* Now GC cannot happen during the lifetime of the widget_value,
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