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......@@ -2278,6 +2278,10 @@ instead of the text that has the display specification, at the same
position as that text. This is a special case of marginal display
(@pxref{Display Margins}).
Recursive display specifications are not supported, i.e.@: string
display specifications that have a display specification property
@item (space-width @var{factor})
This display specification affects all the space characters within the
text that has the specification. It displays all of these spaces
......@@ -2367,11 +2371,11 @@ Thus, you can make changes take effect by calling
You can also set the margin widths immediately.
@defun set-window-margins window left right
@defun set-window-margins window left &optional right
@tindex set-window-margins
This function specifies the margin widths for window @var{window}.
The argument @var{left} controls the left margin and
@var{right} controls the right margin.
@var{right} controls the right margin (default @code{0}).
@end defun
@defun window-margins &optional window
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