Commit 515f5782 authored by Michael R. Mauger's avatar Michael R. Mauger

* lisp/progmodes/sql.el Bug#35307

(sql-product-alist): Added :prompt-cont-regexp for ms.

Looking for experience with Microsofts SQLCMD interpreter and
adjustments needed for Emacs to support it.
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......@@ -443,6 +443,7 @@ file. Since that is a plaintext file, this could be dangerous."
:sqli-login sql-ms-login-params
:sqli-comint-func sql-comint-ms
:prompt-regexp "^[0-9]*>"
:prompt-cont-regexp "^[0-9]*>"
:prompt-length 5
:syntax-alist ((?@ . "_"))
:terminator ("^go" . "go"))
......@@ -1219,6 +1220,11 @@ Starts `sql-interactive-mode' after doing some setup."
;; Customization for Microsoft
;; Microsoft documentation seems to indicate that ISQL and OSQL are
;; going away and being replaced by SQLCMD. If anyone has experience
;; using SQLCMD, modified product configuration and feedback on its
;; use would be greatly appreciated.
(defcustom sql-ms-program "osql"
"Command to start osql by Microsoft.
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