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More mailing-list wisdom.  Probably should be merged with commits.
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* Install changes only on one branch, let them get merged elsewhere if needed.
In particular, install bug-fixes only on the release branch (if there
is one) and let them get synced to the trunk; do not install them by
hand on the trunk as well. E.g. if there is an active "emacs-23" branch
and you have a bug-fix appropriate for the next Emacs-23.x release,
install it only on the emacs-23 branch, not on the trunk as well.
Installing things manually into more than one branch makes merges more
* Backporting a bug-fix from the trunk to a branch (e.g. "emacs-23").
Label the commit as a backport, e.g. by starting the commit message with
"Backport:". This is helpful for the person merging the release branch
to the trunk.
* Installing changes from your personal branches.
If your branch has only a single commit, or many different real
commits, it is fine to do a merge. If your branch has only a very
small number of "real" commits, but several "merge from trunks", it is
preferred that you take your branch's diff, apply it to the trunk, and
commit directly, not merge. This keeps the history cleaner.
Or use shelves; or rebase; or do something else. See the thread for
yet another fun excursion into the exciting world of version control.
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