Commit 5162ffce authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader
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(normalize_filename): Always lower-case drive letters, even on systems

	that preserve case in filenames.
(sys_rename): Do not delete newname if only changing case.  On Windows
	95, use our version of mktemp (not the MSVC version) and give
	the temp name a long extension to ensure the final rename works
	as expected.
parent ac4c237c
......@@ -401,6 +401,17 @@ normalize_filename (fp, path_sep)
char sep;
char *elem;
/* Always lower-case drive letters a-z, even if the filesystem
preserves case in filenames.
This is so filenames can be compared by string comparison
functions that are case-sensitive. Even case-preserving filesystems
do not distinguish case in drive letters. */
if (fp[1] == ':' && *fp >= 'A' && *fp <= 'Z')
*fp += 'a' - 'A';
fp += 2;
if (NILP (Vwin32_downcase_file_names))
while (*fp)
......@@ -1050,11 +1061,20 @@ int
sys_rename (const char * oldname, const char * newname)
char temp[MAX_PATH];
DWORD attr;
/* MoveFile on Win95 doesn't correctly change the short file name
alias when oldname has a three char extension and newname has the
same first three chars in its extension. To avoid problems, on
Win95 we rename to a temporary name first. */
alias in a number of circumstances (it is not easy to predict when
just by looking at oldname and newname, unfortunately). In these
cases, renaming through a temporary name avoids the problem.
A second problem on Win95 is that renaming through a temp name when
newname is uppercase fails (the final long name ends up in
lowercase, although the short alias might be uppercase) UNLESS the
long temp name is not 8.3.
So, on Win95 we always rename through a temp name, and we make sure
the temp name has a long extension to ensure correct renaming. */
strcpy (temp, map_win32_filename (oldname, NULL));
......@@ -1062,21 +1082,27 @@ sys_rename (const char * oldname, const char * newname)
char * p;
unixtodos_filename (temp);
if (p = strrchr (temp, '\\'))
p = temp;
strcpy (p, "__XXXXXX");
_mktemp (temp);
sys_mktemp (temp);
/* Force temp name to require a manufactured 8.3 alias - this
seems to make the second rename work properly. */
strcat (temp, ".long");
if (rename (map_win32_filename (oldname, NULL), temp) < 0)
return -1;
/* Emulate Unix behaviour - newname is deleted if it already exists
(at least if it is a file; don't do this for directories). */
(at least if it is a file; don't do this for directories).
However, don't do this if we are just changing the case of the file
name - we will end up deleting the file we are trying to rename! */
newname = map_win32_filename (newname, NULL);
if (GetFileAttributes (newname) != -1)
if (stricmp (newname, temp) != 0
&& (attr = GetFileAttributes (newname)) != -1
_chmod (newname, 0666);
_unlink (newname);
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