Commit 517045bc authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts
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(gud-gdb): Don't reset gdb-ready.

(gdb-ready): Move declaration to gdb-ui.el.
parent ef6cb9e8
......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@
(defgroup gud nil
"Grand Unified Debugger mode for gdb and other debuggers under Emacs.
Supported debuggers include gdb, sdb, dbx, xdb, perldb, pdb (Python), jdb."
Supported debuggers include gdb, sdb, dbx, xdb, perldb, pdb (Python) and jdb."
:group 'processes
:group 'tools)
......@@ -109,8 +109,6 @@ If SOFT is non-nil, returns nil if the symbol doesn't already exist."
"Non-nil if debugged program is running.
Used to grey out relevant toolbar icons.")
(defvar gdb-ready nil)
(defvar gud-target-name "--unknown--"
"The apparent name of the program being debugged in a gud buffer.")
......@@ -771,7 +769,6 @@ directory and source-file directory for your debugger."
(setq paragraph-start comint-prompt-regexp)
(setq gdb-first-prompt t)
(setq gud-running nil)
(setq gdb-ready nil)
(setq gud-filter-pending-text nil)
(run-hooks 'gud-gdb-mode-hook))
......@@ -2307,7 +2304,6 @@ gud, see `gud-mode'."
(gud-def gud-run "run" nil "Run the program.") ;if VM start using jdb
(gud-def gud-print "print %e" "\C-p" "Evaluate Java expression at point.")
(setq comint-prompt-regexp "^> \\|^[^ ]+\\[[0-9]+\\] ")
(setq paragraph-start comint-prompt-regexp)
(run-hooks 'jdb-mode-hook)
......@@ -2867,7 +2863,7 @@ Obeying it means displaying in another window the specified file and line."
(set-marker-insertion-type gud-delete-prompt-marker t))
(unless (eq (buffer-local-value 'gud-minor-mode gud-comint-buffer)
(insert (concat expr " = "))))))
(insert (concat expr " = "))))))
;; The next eight functions are hacked from gdbsrc.el by
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