Commit 517a0394 authored by Alan Third's avatar Alan Third
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Don't wait for toolbar in NS native fullscreen

* src/nsterm.m (EmacsView:updateFrameSize): Don't short-circuit the
function when in fullscreen.
parent b94472f1
......@@ -6560,7 +6560,10 @@ - (void) updateFrameSize: (BOOL) delay
if (wait_for_tool_bar)
if (FRAME_TOOLBAR_HEIGHT (emacsframe) == 0)
/* The toolbar height is always 0 in fullscreen, so don't wait
for it to become available. */
if (FRAME_TOOLBAR_HEIGHT (emacsframe) == 0
&& ! [self isFullscreen])
NSTRACE_MSG ("Waiting for toolbar");
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