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(List Buffers): Adjust to new format of *Buffer List*.

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......@@ -146,23 +146,23 @@ Each line in the list shows one buffer's name, major mode and visited
file. The buffers are listed in the order that they were current; the
buffers that were current most recently come first.
@samp{*} at the beginning of a line indicates the buffer is ``modified.''
@samp{*} in the first field of a line indicates the buffer is ``modified.''
If several buffers are modified, it may be time to save some with @kbd{C-x s}
(@pxref{Saving}). @samp{%} indicates a read-only buffer. @samp{.} marks the
current buffer. Here is an example of a buffer list:@refill
MR Buffer Size Mode File
-- ------ ---- ---- ----
.* emacs.tex 383402 Texinfo /u2/emacs/man/emacs.tex
*Help* 1287 Fundamental
files.el 23076 Emacs-Lisp /u2/emacs/lisp/files.el
% RMAIL 64042 RMAIL /u/rms/RMAIL
*% man 747 Dired /u2/emacs/man/
net.emacs 343885 Fundamental /u/rms/net.emacs
fileio.c 27691 C /u2/emacs/src/fileio.c
NEWS 67340 Text /u2/emacs/etc/NEWS
*scratch* 0 Lisp Interaction
CRM Buffer Size Mode File
. * *mail* 42 Mail
search.c 86055 C ~/cvs/emacs/src/search.c
% src 20959 Dired by name ~/cvs/emacs/src/
* .emacs 3294 Emacs-Lisp ~/.emacs
% ~ 7677 Dired by name ~/
% HELLO 1607 Fundamental ~/cvs/emacs/etc/HELLO
% NEWS 481184 Outline ~/cvs/emacs/etc/NEWS
*scratch* 191 Lisp Interaction
% cvs 1272 Dired by name ~/cvs/
* *Messages* 1554 Fundamental
@end smallexample
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