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2002-03-05 Francesco Potorti` <>
* etags.c: Honour #line directives.
(no_line_directive): New global var; set it for old behaviour.
(main): Remove some #ifdef in the getopt switch.
(add_node, put_entries): Code added to merge different chunks of
nodes referring to the same file. Currently the tags are just
appended, without any check for duplicates.
(Perl_functions): Do not special case ctags.
(readline): Identify #line directives and do the right thing.
(nocharno, invalidcharno): New global vars.
(process_file): Reset nocharno.
(readline): Set nocharno.
(pfnote): Read nocharno and maybe put invalidcharno in node.
(total_size_of_entries, put_entries): Use invalidcharno.
* etags.c: Keep the whole tag table in memory, even in etags mode.
(main): Call put_entries here even in CTAGS mode.
(main, process_file): Check the return values of fclose and pclose.
(process_file): Do not call put_entries after parsing each file.
(process_file): Canonicalise file names even for ctags.
(process_file): Set curfile here...
(find_entries): ... not here any more.
(add_node): In etags mode, build a linked list of entries (on
right pointer) for each file, and link the first entry of each
file on left nodes.
(put_entries): Print here the name of the file.
(put_entries): Print the entries starting from the first file.
(number_len, total_size_of_entries): Define these only iin etags
mode, make the second work only on the right nodes.
* etags.c: Make all global variables static.
2002-02-25 Juanma Barranquero <>
* makefile.w32-in (lisp): Add missing backslash.
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