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(Customization Types): Merge in some menu descriptions from elisp.texi.

parent 45d77375
2009-07-10 Glenn Morris <>
* customize.texi (Customization Types): Merge in some menu
descriptions from elisp.texi.
2009-07-09 Glenn Morris <>
* back.texi: Don't hard-code texinfo location.
......@@ -513,11 +513,12 @@ equivalent to @code{(string)}.
Introduction, widget, The Emacs Widget Library}, for details.
* Simple Types::
* Composite Types::
* Splicing into Lists::
* Type Keywords::
* Defining New Types::
* Simple Types:: Simple customization types: sexp, integer, number,
string, file, directory, alist.
* Composite Types:: Build new types from other types or data.
* Splicing into Lists:: Splice elements into list with @code{:inline}.
* Type Keywords:: Keyword-argument pairs in a customization type.
* Defining New Types:: Give your type a name.
@end menu
@node Simple Types
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