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Don't conflate single-byte with European.

Discuss 8-bit input.
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......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ have been merged from the modified version of Emacs known as MULE (for
* Fontsets:: Fontsets are collections of fonts
that cover the whole spectrum of characters.
* Defining Fontsets:: Defining a new fontset.
* Single-Byte European Support::
* Single-Byte Character Support::
You can pick one European character set
to use without multibyte characters.
@end menu
......@@ -975,8 +975,8 @@ call this function explicitly to create a fontset.
@xref{Font X}, for more information about font naming in X.
@node Single-Byte European Support
@section Single-byte European Character Support
@node Single-Byte Character Support
@section Single-byte Character Set Support
@cindex European character sets
@cindex accented characters
......@@ -985,7 +985,8 @@ call this function explicitly to create a fontset.
@vindex enable-multibyte-characters
The ISO 8859 Latin-@var{n} character sets define character codes in
the range 160 to 255 to handle the accented letters and punctuation
needed by various European languages. If you disable multibyte
needed by various European languages (and some non-European ones).
If you disable multibyte
characters, Emacs can still handle @emph{one} of these character codes
at a time. To specify @emph{which} of these codes to use, invoke
@kbd{M-x set-language-environment} and specify a suitable language
......@@ -1024,6 +1025,7 @@ function @code{standard-display-8bit} in the @code{disp-table} library.
@itemize @bullet
@cindex 8-bit input
If your keyboard can generate character codes 128 and up, representing
non-ASCII characters, execute the following expression to enable Emacs to
......@@ -1035,6 +1037,14 @@ understand them:
@end example
It is not necessary to do this under a window system which can
distinguish 8-bit characters and Meta keys. If you do this on a normal
terminal, you will probably need to use @kbd{ESC} to type Meta
characters.@footnote{In some cases, such as the Linux console and
@code{xterm}, you can arrange for Meta to be converted to @kbd{ESC} and
still be able type 8-bit characters present directly on the keyboard or
using @kbd{Compose} or @kbd{AltGr} keys.} @xref{User Input}.
You can use an input method for the selected language environment.
@xref{Input Methods}. When you use an input method in a unibyte buffer,
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