Commit 5233edd7 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* lisp/calendar/appt.el (appt-make-list): Simplify.

parent 92d10796
2011-05-13 Glenn Morris <>
* calendar/appt.el (appt-make-list): Simplify.
2011-05-12 Andreas Schwab <>
* progmodes/ld-script.el (ld-script-keywords)
......@@ -569,15 +569,12 @@ Any appointments made with `appt-add' are not affected by this function."
(setq entry-list (cdr entry-list)))))
(setq appt-time-msg-list (appt-sort-list appt-time-msg-list))
;; Convert current time to minutes after midnight (12:01am = 1),
;; so that elements in the list that are earlier than the
;; present time can be removed.
;; and remove elements in the list that are in the past.
(let* ((now (decode-time))
(cur-comp-time (+ (* 60 (nth 2 now)) (nth 1 now)))
(appt-comp-time (caar (car appt-time-msg-list))))
(while (and appt-time-msg-list (< appt-comp-time cur-comp-time))
(setq appt-time-msg-list (cdr appt-time-msg-list))
(if appt-time-msg-list
(setq appt-comp-time (caar (car appt-time-msg-list)))))))))
(now-mins (+ (* 60 (nth 2 now)) (nth 1 now))))
(while (and appt-time-msg-list
(< (caar (car appt-time-msg-list)) now-mins))
(setq appt-time-msg-list (cdr appt-time-msg-list)))))))
(defun appt-sort-list (appt-list)
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