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NEWS updates for browse-url

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......@@ -587,10 +587,6 @@ region (or with the left margin if there is no previous line).
** Archive Mode has basic support for browsing and updating 7z archives.
** browse-url has a new variable `browse-url-mailto-function'
specifies how mailto: URLs are handled. The default is `browse-url-mail'.
** BibTeX mode
......@@ -640,6 +636,16 @@ appt-visible/appt-msg-window (use the variable appt-display-format)
*** Some diary function aliases (obsolete since Emacs 22.1) have been removed:
view-diary-entries, list-diary-entries, show-all-diary-entries
** Browse-url
*** New option `browse-url-mailto-function' specifies how to handle "mailto:"s.
*** The default browser used by the package is now the "xdg-open" program,
on platforms that support it. This calls your desktop's preferred browser.
** CC Mode (C, C++, etc.)
*** New feature to "guess" the style in an existing buffer.
......@@ -892,8 +898,6 @@ this was not advertised at the time.
Since Emacs 23, it has done the same thing as `toggle-read-only', but
this was not advertised at the time.
** FIXME: xdg-open for browse-url and reportbug, 2010/08.
** Obsolete modes
......@@ -924,6 +928,8 @@ They are superseded by shift-select-mode, enabled by default since 23.1.
** Miscellaneous
*** FIXME: xdg-open for reportbug, 2010/08.
*** The Landmark game is now invoked with `landmark', not `lm'.
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