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* INSTALL: Update m17n details.

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......@@ -117,19 +117,7 @@ packages. Note that if there is a separate `dev' or `devel' package,
for use at compilation time rather than run time, you will need that
as well as the corresponding run time package; typically the dev
package will contain header files and a library archive. Otherwise,
you can download and build libraries from sources.
The sources of these libraries are available by anonymous CVS from
% cvs -d login
% cvs -d co m17n-db
% cvs -d co m17n-lib
% cvs -d co libotf
For m17n-lib, if you have problems with making the whole package
because you lack some other packages on which m17n-lib depends, try to
configure it with the option "--without-gui".
you can download the libraries from <>.
Note that Emacs cannot support complex scripts on a TTY, unless the
terminal includes such a support.
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