Commit 5260234d authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(arith_driver): Make accum and next EMACS_INTs.

(Fmod): i1 and i2 are EMACS_INT.
parent 1df90f8f
......@@ -1707,8 +1707,8 @@ arith_driver (code, nargs, args)
register Lisp_Object val;
register int argnum;
register int accum;
register int next;
register EMACS_INT accum;
register EMACS_INT next;
switch (SWITCH_ENUM_CAST (code))
......@@ -1917,7 +1917,7 @@ Both X and Y must be numbers or markers.")
register Lisp_Object num1, num2;
Lisp_Object val;
int i1, i2;
EMACS_INT i1, i2;
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