Commit 5268b442 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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Get around a bug on skip-chars-forward.

(ebnf-8-bit-chars): New var for bug fix.
(ebnf-string): Bug fix.
parent 8dd095ee
......@@ -4996,12 +4996,25 @@ Otherwise, it is treated as an empty string."
;; to avoid a bug of `skip-chars-forward' on version 20.4.1, that is, it
;; doesn't accept the range "\240-\377", but it accepts the character sequence
;; from \240 to \377. It seems that version 20.7 has the same problem.
(defconst ebnf-8-bit-chars
(let ((char ?\240)
(while (<= char ?\377)
(setq str (concat str (char-to-string char))
char (1+ char)))
(defun ebnf-string (chars eos-char kind)
(skip-chars-forward (concat chars "\240-\377") ebnf-limit)
;;(skip-chars-forward (concat chars "\240-\377") ebnf-limit)
(skip-chars-forward (concat chars ebnf-8-bit-chars) ebnf-limit)
(if (or (eobp) (/= (following-char) eos-char))
(error "Illegal %s: missing `%c'." kind eos-char)
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