Commit 526c9df9 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(Vtransient_mark_mode): Move docstring to simple.el to

avoid clobbering by define-minor-mode.
parent 025ae953
......@@ -6200,18 +6200,11 @@ to the value obtained by calling `current-time'.
If the buffer has never been shown in a window, the value is nil. */);
DEFVAR_LISP ("transient-mark-mode", &Vtransient_mark_mode,
doc: /* *Non-nil means deactivate the mark when the buffer contents change.
Non-nil also enables highlighting of the region whenever the mark is active.
The variable `highlight-nonselected-windows' controls whether to highlight
all windows or just the selected window.
If the value is `lambda', that enables Transient Mark mode temporarily
until the next buffer modification. If a command sets the value to `only',
that enables Transient Mark mode for the following command only.
During that following command, the value of `transient-mark-mode'
is `identity'. If it is still `identity' at the end of that command,
it changes to nil. */);
doc: /* */);
Vtransient_mark_mode = Qnil;
/* The docstring is in simple.el. If we put it here, it would be
overwritten when transient-mark-mode is defined using
define-minor-mode. */
DEFVAR_LISP ("inhibit-read-only", &Vinhibit_read_only,
doc: /* *Non-nil means disregard read-only status of buffers or characters.
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