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......@@ -1289,8 +1289,20 @@ wrapped in parenthesis (e.g. in a 'return' statement or a function
call). It would also fail in many intricate cases. Now, indentation
should work anywhere without parenthesis; many more intricacies are
supported; and, indentation conventions align more closely with those
of the React developer community, otherwise still adhering to SGML
of the React developer community (see 'js-jsx-align->-with-<'),
otherwise still adhering to SGML conventions.
*** New defcustom 'js-jsx-align->-with-<' controls '>' indents.
Commonly in JSX code, a '>' on its own line is indented at the same
level as its opening '<'. This is the new default for JSX. This
behavior is slightly different than that used by SGML in Emacs, where
'>' is indented at the same level as attributes, which was also the
old default for JSX.
This is turned on by default. To get back the old default indentation
behavior of aligning '>' with attributes, set 'js-jsx-align->-with-<'
to nil.
*** Indentation uses 'js-indent-level' instead of 'sgml-basic-offset'.
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