Commit 5273453b authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(term-emulate-terminal): Encode input string before checking its

parent 1601aa7a
......@@ -2718,7 +2718,11 @@ See `term-prompt-regexp'."
(defun term-emulate-terminal (proc str)
(with-current-buffer (process-buffer proc)
(let* ((i 0) char funny count save-point save-marker old-point temp win
(let* ((i 0) char funny
count ; number of decoded chars in substring
count-bytes ; number of bytes
save-point save-marker old-point temp win
(buffer-undo-list t)
(selected (selected-window))
......@@ -2777,6 +2781,10 @@ See `term-prompt-regexp'."
str i))
(when (not funny) (setq funny str-length))
(cond ((> funny i)
(setq decoded-substring
(substring str i funny)
(cond ((eq term-terminal-state 1)
;; We are in state 1, we need to wrap
;; around. Go to the beginning of
......@@ -2785,21 +2793,31 @@ See `term-prompt-regexp'."
(term-down 1 t)
(term-move-columns (- (term-current-column)))
(setq term-terminal-state 0)))
(setq count (- funny i))
(setq count (length decoded-substring))
(setq temp (- (+ (term-horizontal-column) count)
(cond ((<= temp 0)) ;; All count chars fit in line.
((> count temp) ;; Some chars fit.
;; This iteration, handle only what fits.
(setq count (- count temp))
(setq count-bytes
(substring decoded-substring 0 count)
(setq temp 0)
(setq funny (+ count i)))
(setq funny (+ count-bytes i)))
((or (not (or term-pager-count
(> (term-handle-scroll 1) 0))
(term-adjust-current-row-cache 1)
(setq count (min count term-width))
(setq funny (+ count i))
(setq count-bytes
(substring decoded-substring 0 count)
(setq funny (+ count-bytes i))
(setq term-start-line-column
(t ;; Doing PAGER processing.
......@@ -2813,7 +2831,7 @@ See `term-prompt-regexp'."
;; following point if not eob nor insert-mode.
(let ((old-column (current-column))
columns pos)
(insert (decode-coding-string (substring str i funny) locale-coding-system))
(insert decoded-substring)
(setq term-current-column (current-column)
columns (- term-current-column old-column))
(when (not (or (eobp) term-insert-mode))
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