Commit 527ba7f4 authored by YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
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(mac-utxt-to-string): Use `eq' instead of `='.

(mac-atsu-font-table, mac-font-panel-mode): Add defvars.
(mac-bytes-to-digits, mac-handle-toolbar-switch-mode)
(mac-handle-font-panel-closed, mac-handle-font-selection):
New functions.
(mac-font-panel-mode): New minor mode.
(mac-apple-event-map): Add bindings for toolbar toggle button and
font panel.
(menu-bar-showhide-menu): Add mac-font-panel-mode.
parent fe99056f
......@@ -82,6 +82,8 @@
(defvar mac-services-selection)
(defvar mac-system-script-code)
(defvar mac-apple-event-map)
(defvar mac-atsu-font-table)
(defvar mac-font-panel-mode)
(defvar x-invocation-args)
(defvar x-command-line-resources nil)
......@@ -1260,7 +1262,7 @@ correspoinding TextEncodingBase value."
(or encoding coding-system)))))
(when str
(setq str (decode-coding-string str coding-system))
(if (= encoding mac-text-encoding-mac-japanese-basic-variant)
(if (eq encoding mac-text-encoding-mac-japanese-basic-variant)
;; Does it contain Apple one-byte extensions other than
;; reverse solidus?
(if (string-match "[\xa0\xfd-\xff]" str)
......@@ -1583,6 +1585,17 @@ in `selection-converter-alist', which see."
(ash (lsh result extended-sign-len) (- extended-sign-len))
(defun mac-bytes-to-digits (bytes &optional from to)
(or from (setq from 0))
(or to (setq to (length bytes)))
(let ((len (- to from))
(val 0.0))
(dotimes (i len)
(setq val (+ (* val 256.0)
(aref bytes (+ from (if (eq (byteorder) ?B) i
(- len i 1)))))))
(format "%.0f" val)))
(defun mac-ae-selection-range (ae)
;; #pragma options align=mac68k
;; typedef struct SelectionRange {
......@@ -1668,6 +1681,78 @@ Currently the `mailto' scheme is supported."
(define-key mac-apple-event-map [hicommand about] 'display-splash-screen)
;;; Converted Carbon Events
(defun mac-handle-toolbar-switch-mode (event)
"Toggle visibility of tool-bars in response to EVENT.
With no keyboard modifiers, it toggles the visibility of the
frame where the tool-bar toggle button was pressed. With some
modifiers, it changes global tool-bar visibility setting."
(interactive "e")
(let* ((ae (mac-event-ae event))
(modifiers (cdr (mac-ae-parameter ae "kmod"))))
(if (and modifiers (not (string= modifiers "\000\000\000\000")))
;; Globally toggle tool-bar-mode if some modifier key is pressed.
(let ((window-id (mac-bytes-to-digits (cdr (mac-ae-parameter ae))))
(rest (frame-list))
(while (and (null frame) rest)
(if (string= (frame-parameter (car rest) 'window-id) window-id)
(setq frame (car rest)))
(setq rest (cdr rest)))
(set-frame-parameter frame 'tool-bar-lines
(if (= (frame-parameter frame 'tool-bar-lines) 0)
1 0))))))
;; kEventClassWindow/kEventWindowToolbarSwitchMode
(define-key mac-apple-event-map [window toolbar-switch-mode]
;;; Font panel
(when (fboundp 'mac-set-font-panel-visibility)
(define-minor-mode mac-font-panel-mode
"Toggle use of the font panel.
With numeric ARG, display the panel bar if and only if ARG is positive."
:init-value nil
:global t
:group 'mac
(mac-set-font-panel-visibility mac-font-panel-mode))
(defun mac-handle-font-panel-closed (event)
"Update internal status in response to font panel closed EVENT."
(interactive "e")
;; Synchronize with the minor mode variable.
(mac-font-panel-mode 0))
(defun mac-handle-font-selection (event)
"Change default face attributes according to font selection EVENT."
(interactive "e")
(let* ((ae (mac-event-ae event))
(fm-font-size (cdr (mac-ae-parameter ae "fmsz")))
(atsu-font-id (cdr (mac-ae-parameter ae "auid")))
(attribute-values (gethash atsu-font-id mac-atsu-font-table)))
(if fm-font-size
(setq attribute-values
`(:height ,(* 10 (mac-bytes-to-integer fm-font-size))
(apply 'set-face-attribute 'default (selected-frame) attribute-values)))
;; kEventClassFont/kEventFontPanelClosed
(define-key mac-apple-event-map [font panel-closed]
;; kEventClassFont/kEventFontSelection
(define-key mac-apple-event-map [font selection] 'mac-handle-font-selection)
(define-key-after menu-bar-showhide-menu [mac-font-panel-mode]
(menu-bar-make-mm-toggle mac-font-panel-mode
"Font Panel"
"Show the font panel as a floating dialog")
) ;; (fboundp 'mac-set-font-panel-visibility)
;;; Services
(defun mac-services-open-file ()
"Open the file specified by the selection value for Services."
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