Commit 52a68e98 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fset_window_configuration): If a window is supposed

to have a buffer, always give it one.

(syms_of_window): Always defvar pop-up-frames
and pop-up-frame-function.
parent 9207deb2
......@@ -2569,8 +2569,8 @@ by `current-window-configuration' (which see).")
XBUFFER (p->buffer) == current_buffer)
Fgoto_char (w->pointm);
else if (NILP (XBUFFER (w->buffer)->name))
/* Else if window's old buffer is dead too, get a live one. */
else if (NILP (w->buffer) || NILP (XBUFFER (w->buffer)->name))
/* Else unless window has a live buffer, get one. */
w->buffer = Fcdr (Fcar (Vbuffer_alist));
/* This will set the markers to beginning of visible
......@@ -2581,8 +2581,7 @@ by `current-window-configuration' (which see).")
/* Keeping window's old buffer; make sure the markers
are real. Else if window's old buffer is dead too,
get a live one. */
are real. */
/* Set window markers at start of visible range. */
if (XMARKER (w->start)->buffer == 0)
......@@ -2900,7 +2899,6 @@ work using this function.");
"If non-nil, this is a buffer and \\[scroll-other-window] should scroll its window.");
Vother_window_scroll_buffer = Qnil;
DEFVAR_BOOL ("pop-up-frames", &pop_up_frames,
"*Non-nil means `display-buffer' should make a separate frame.");
pop_up_frames = 0;
......@@ -2912,7 +2910,6 @@ It is called with no arguments and should return a newly created frame.\n\
A typical value might be `(lambda () (new-frame pop-up-frame-alist))'\n\
where `pop-up-frame-alist' would hold the default frame parameters.");
Vpop_up_frame_function = Qnil;
DEFVAR_BOOL ("pop-up-windows", &pop_up_windows,
"*Non-nil means display-buffer should make new windows.");
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