Commit 52b71f49 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(Fcommandp): Pay attention to the `interactive-form' property.

parent c4f46926
......@@ -2040,42 +2040,49 @@ then strings and vectors are not accepted. */)
register Lisp_Object fun;
register Lisp_Object funcar;
Lisp_Object if_prop = Qnil;
fun = function;
fun = indirect_function (fun);
if (EQ (fun, Qunbound))
fun = indirect_function (fun); /* Check cycles. */
if (NILP (fun) || EQ (fun, Qunbound))
return Qnil;
/* Check an `interactive-form' property if present, analogous to the
function-documentation property. */
fun = function;
while (SYMBOLP (fun))
Lisp_Object tmp = Fget (fun, intern ("interactive-form"));
if (!NILP (tmp))
if_prop = Qt;
fun = Fsymbol_function (fun);
/* Emacs primitives are interactive if their DEFUN specifies an
interactive spec. */
if (SUBRP (fun))
if (XSUBR (fun)->prompt)
return Qt;
return Qnil;
return XSUBR (fun)->prompt ? Qt : if_prop;
/* Bytecode objects are interactive if they are long enough to
have an element whose index is COMPILED_INTERACTIVE, which is
where the interactive spec is stored. */
else if (COMPILEDP (fun))
? Qt : Qnil);
? Qt : if_prop);
/* Strings and vectors are keyboard macros. */
if (NILP (for_call_interactively) && (STRINGP (fun) || VECTORP (fun)))
return Qt;
if (STRINGP (fun) || VECTORP (fun))
return NILP (for_call_interactively) ? Qt : Qnil;
/* Lists may represent commands. */
if (!CONSP (fun))
return Qnil;
funcar = XCAR (fun);
if (EQ (funcar, Qlambda))
return Fassq (Qinteractive, Fcdr (XCDR (fun)));
return !NILP (Fassq (Qinteractive, Fcdr (XCDR (fun)))) ? Qt : if_prop;
if (EQ (funcar, Qautoload))
return Fcar (Fcdr (Fcdr (XCDR (fun))));
return !NILP (Fcar (Fcdr (Fcdr (XCDR (fun))))) ? Qt : if_prop;
return Qnil;
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