Commit 5359ed91 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(Cursor Display): show-cursor-in-non-selected-windows was renamed.

parent ab9c49cf
......@@ -873,9 +873,7 @@ occupied by that tab character. To enable this feature, set the
variable @code{x-stretch-cursor} to a non-@code{nil} value.
@cindex cursor in non-selected windows
@vindex show-cursor-in-non-selected-windows
@vindex cursor-in-non-selected-windows
Normally, the cursor in non-selected windows is shown as a hollow box.
To turn off cursor display in non-selected windows, customize the option
@code{show-cursor-in-non-selected-windows}, or set the variable
@code{cursor-in-non-selected-windows} to @code{nil}.
@code{cursor-in-non-selected-windows} to assign it a @code{nil} value.
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