Commit 5362ef79 authored by Mark Oteiza's avatar Mark Oteiza
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Nix some uses of eval

* lisp/play/dunnet.el: Fix triple negative.
(dun-doverb): Use funcall instead of eval.
(dun-echo): Just call dun-mprinc.
(dun-save-val): Just bind value without eval.
parent 922850bc
......@@ -1113,7 +1113,7 @@ for a moment, then straighten yourself up.
(dun-doverb dun-ignore dun-verblist (car rest) (cdr rest)))
(if (not (cdr (assq (intern verb) dun-verblist))) -1
(setq dun-numcmds (1+ dun-numcmds))
(eval (list (cdr (assq (intern verb) dun-verblist)) (quote rest)))))))
(funcall (cdr (assq (intern verb) dun-verblist)) rest)))))
;;; Function to take a string and change it into a list of lowercase words.
......@@ -2687,7 +2687,7 @@ drwxr-xr-x 3 root staff 2048 Jan 1 1970 ..")
(dun-mprinc var)
(dun-mprinc ": Permission denied")
(setq nomore t))
(eval (list 'dun-mprinc var))
(dun-mprinc var)
(dun-mprinc " ")))))))
(dun-mprinc "\n")))
......@@ -3177,9 +3177,7 @@ File not found")))
(defun dun-save-val (varname)
(let (value)
(setq varname (intern varname))
(setq value (eval varname))
(let ((value (symbol-value (intern varname))))
(dun-minsert "(setq ")
(dun-minsert varname)
(dun-minsert " ")
......@@ -3329,7 +3327,7 @@ File not found")))
(dun-mprinc "\n")
(unless (not noninteractive)
(when noninteractive
(fset 'dun-mprinc 'dun-batch-mprinc)
(fset 'dun-mprincl 'dun-batch-mprincl)
(fset 'dun-vparse 'dun-batch-parse)
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