Commit 536aea70 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* lisp/calendar/calendar.el (calendar-mode): Locally set scroll-margin to 0.

parent 7dccca16
2012-01-06 Glenn Morris <>
* calendar/calendar.el (calendar-mode):
Locally set scroll-margin to 0. (Bug#10379)
2012-01-06 Ulrich Mueller <>
* play/doctor.el (doctor-death): Escape "," characters. (Bug#10370)
......@@ -1730,6 +1730,7 @@ For a complete description, see the info node `Calendar/Diary'.
(setq buffer-read-only t
buffer-undo-list t
indent-tabs-mode nil)
(set (make-local-variable 'scroll-margin) 0) ; bug#10379
(make-local-variable 'calendar-mark-ring)
(make-local-variable 'displayed-month) ; month in middle of window
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