Commit 5372262f authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love

Fix embedded comment.

(syms_of_window): Fix doc string.
parent 59927f88
......@@ -613,7 +613,7 @@ If they are on the border between WINDOW and its right sibling,\n\
Check if window W contains coordinates *CW->x and *CW->y. If it
does, return W in *CW->window, as Lisp_Object, and return in
*CW->part the part of the window under coordinates *X/*Y. Return
*CW->part the part of the window under coordinates *X,*Y. Return
zero from this function to stop iterating over windows. */
struct check_window_data
......@@ -5372,7 +5372,7 @@ work using this function.");
pop_up_frames = 0;
DEFVAR_BOOL ("display-buffer-reuse-frames", &display_buffer_reuse_frames,
"*Non-nil means `display-buffer' should reuse frames.
"*Non-nil means `display-buffer' should reuse frames.\n\
If the buffer in question is already displayed in a frame, raise that frame.");
display_buffer_reuse_frames = 0;
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