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Remove obsolete vc-mistrust-permissions doc

* doc/emacs/vc1-xtra.texi (RCS and SCCS): Remove documentation
for vc-mistrust-permissions, which no longer exists.
parent d31cd79b
......@@ -347,22 +347,9 @@ status by setting @code{vc-consult-headers} to @code{nil}. VC then
always uses the file permissions (if it is supposed to trust them), or
else checks the master file.
@vindex vc-mistrust-permissions
You can specify the criterion for whether to trust the file
permissions by setting the variable @code{vc-mistrust-permissions}.
Its value can be @code{t} (always mistrust the file permissions and
check the master file), @code{nil} (always trust the file
permissions), or a function of one argument which makes the decision.
The argument is the directory name of the @file{RCS} subdirectory. A
non-@code{nil} value from the function says to mistrust the file
permissions. If you find that the file permissions of work files are
changed erroneously, set @code{vc-mistrust-permissions} to @code{t}.
Then VC always checks the master file to determine the file's status.
VC determines the version control state of files under SCCS much as
with RCS@. It does not consider SCCS version headers, though. Thus,
the variable @code{vc-mistrust-permissions} affects SCCS use, but
@code{vc-consult-headers} does not.
the variable @code{vc-consult-headers} does not affect SCCS use.
@node CVS Options
@subsubsection Options specific for CVS
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