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(Calc Summary): Mention register commands.

(Saving Into Registers, Inserting From Registers): New sections.
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......@@ -28178,8 +28178,7 @@ latter will produce an error message.
@kindex r 0-9
The @kbd{r} prefix may be followed by a digit, so that @kbd{r 9} is
equivalent to @kbd{s r 9}. (The @kbd{r} prefix is otherwise unused
in the current version of Calc.)
equivalent to @kbd{s r 9}.
@node Operations on Variables, Let Command, Recalling Variables, Store and Recall
@section Other Operations on Variables
......@@ -29210,6 +29209,8 @@ work with Calc from a regular editing buffer. @xref{Embedded Mode}.
* Killing From Stack::
* Yanking Into Stack::
* Saving Into Registers::
* Inserting From Registers::
* Grabbing From Buffers::
* Yanking Into Buffers::
* X Cut and Paste::
......@@ -29255,7 +29256,7 @@ with no argument copies only the number itself into the kill ring, whereas
@kbd{C-k} with a prefix argument of 1 copies the number with its trailing
@node Yanking Into Stack, Grabbing From Buffers, Killing From Stack, Kill and Yank
@node Yanking Into Stack, Saving Into Registers, Killing From Stack, Kill and Yank
@section Yanking into the Stack
......@@ -29274,7 +29275,53 @@ number in its displayed form, 3.142. (Since the default display modes
show all objects to their full precision, this feature normally makes no
@node Grabbing From Buffers, Yanking Into Buffers, Yanking Into Stack, Kill and Yank
@node Saving Into Registers, Inserting From Registers, Yanking Into Stack, Kill and Yank
@section Saving into Registers
@kindex r s
@pindex calc-copy-to-register
@pindex calc-prepend-to-register
@pindex calc-append-to-register
@cindex Registers
An alternative to killing and yanking stack entries is using
registers in Calc. Saving stack entries in registers is like
saving text in normal Emacs registers; although, like Calc's kill
commands, register commands always operate on whole stack
Registers in Calc are places to store stack entries for later use;
each register is indexed by a single character. To store the current
region (rounded up, of course, to include full stack entries) into a
register, use the command @kbd{r s} (@code{calc-copy-to-register}).
You will then be prompted for a register to use, the next character
you type will be the index for the register. To store the region in
register @var{r}, the full command will be @kbd{r s @var{r}}. With an
argument, @kbd{C-u r s @var{r}}, the region being copied to the
register will be deleted from the Calc buffer.
It is possible to add additional stack entries to a register. The
command @kbd{M-x calc-append-to-register} will prompt for a register,
then add the stack entries in the region to the end of the register
contents. The command @kbd{M-x calc-prepend-to-register} will
similarly prompt for a register and add the stack entries in the
region to the beginning of the register contents. Both commands take
@kbd{C-u} arguments, which will cause the region to be deleted after being
added to the register.
@node Inserting From Registers, Grabbing From Buffers, Saving Into Registers, Kill and Yank
@section Inserting from Registers
@kindex r i
@pindex calc-insert-register
The command @kbd{r i} (@code{calc-insert-register}) will prompt for a
register, then insert the contents of that register into the
Calculator. If the contents of the register were placed there from
within Calc, then the full internal structure of the contents will be
inserted into the Calculator, otherwise whatever text is in the
register is reparsed and then inserted into the Calculator.
@node Grabbing From Buffers, Yanking Into Buffers, Inserting From Registers, Kill and Yank
@section Grabbing from Other Buffers
......@@ -35609,6 +35656,10 @@ keystrokes are not listed in this summary.
@r{ @: m S @: @: 12 @:calc-shift-prefix@:}
@r{ @: m U @: @: 12 @:calc-units-simplify-mode@:}
@r{ @: r s @:register @: 27 @:calc-copy-to-register@:}
@r{ @: r i @:register @: @:calc-insert-register@:}
@r{ @: s c @:var1, var2 @: 29 @:calc-copy-variable@:}
@r{ @: s d @:var, decl @: @:calc-declare-variable@:}
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