Commit 5399653b authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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* message.el (message-bury): Add special-case handling for Rmail.

This should not be merged into the trunk.
parent 07ee9351
2011-01-13 Chong Yidong <>
* message.el (message-bury): Add special-case handling for Rmail.
2011-01-12 Glenn Morris <>
* message.el (message-mail): A compose-mail function should
......@@ -4023,12 +4023,32 @@ Instead, just auto-save the buffer and then bury it."
(defun message-bury (buffer)
"Bury this mail BUFFER."
(let ((newbuf (other-buffer buffer)))
(bury-buffer buffer)
(if (and (window-dedicated-p (selected-window))
(let ((newbuf (other-buffer (current-buffer))))
(bury-buffer (current-buffer))
(if (and (window-dedicated-p (frame-selected-window))
(not (null (delq (selected-frame) (visible-frame-list)))))
(delete-frame (selected-frame))
(switch-to-buffer newbuf))))
;; Temporary hack to make this behave like `mail-bury', when
;; used with Rmail. Replaced in Emacs 24 with
(let (rmail-flag summary-buffer)
(and (not (one-window-p))
(window-buffer (next-window (selected-window) 'not))
(setq rmail-flag (eq major-mode 'rmail-mode))
(setq summary-buffer
(and (if (boundp 'mail-bury-selects-summary)
(boundp 'rmail-summary-buffer)
(buffer-name rmail-summary-buffer)
(not (get-buffer-window rmail-summary-buffer))
(if rmail-flag
;; If the Rmail buffer has a summary, show that.
(if summary-buffer (switch-to-buffer summary-buffer)
(switch-to-buffer newbuf))))))
(defun message-send (&optional arg)
"Send the message in the current buffer.
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