Commit 53d1c0af authored by Pavel Janík's avatar Pavel Janík
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(reftex-toc-mode): Remove make-local-hook.

parent de7d394c
......@@ -62,8 +62,6 @@ Here are all local bindings.
" T<" 'reftex-toc-max-level-indicator ">"
" -%-"))
(setq truncate-lines t)
(make-local-hook 'post-command-hook)
(make-local-hook 'pre-command-hook)
(make-local-variable 'reftex-last-follow-point)
(add-hook 'post-command-hook 'reftex-toc-post-command-hook nil t)
(add-hook 'pre-command-hook 'reftex-toc-pre-command-hook nil t)
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