Commit 53df4dda authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann

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parent 70f57a72
......@@ -63,14 +63,8 @@ Andreas Jaeger (changed) gnus-xmas.el
Andreas Luik (changed) xfns.c
Andreas Luik (changed) xterm.c
Andreas Schwab (changed) [more than 20 files]
Andrew Choi (changed) callproc.c
Andrew Choi (changed) dispextern.h
Andrew Choi (changed) frame.c
Andrew Choi (changed) frame.h
Andrew Choi (changed) keyboard.c
Andrew Choi (changed) make-docfiles.c
Andrew Choi (changed) sysdep.c
Andrew Choi (changed) xfaces.c
Andrew Choi (changed) [more than 20 files]
Andrew Choi (wrote) mac-win.el
Andrew Csillag (wrote) m4-mode.el
Andrew Hall (changed) paren.el
Andrew Innes (changed) [more than 20 files]
......@@ -113,7 +107,7 @@ Bill Richter (changed) quail.el
Bill Rosenblatt (wrote) float.el
Bill Rozas (changed) xscheme.el
Bill Rozas (wrote) scheme.el
Bjrn Torkelsson (changed) rfc2047.el
Bj,Av(Brn Torkelsson (changed) rfc2047.el
Boaz Ben-Zvi (wrote) profile.el
Bob Glickstein (changed) sendmail.el
Bob Glickstein (wrote) sregex.el
......@@ -273,6 +267,7 @@ Dave Love (wrote) hl-line.el
Dave Love (wrote) latin-8.el
Dave Love (wrote) latin-9.el
Dave Love (wrote) latin1-disp.el
Dave Love (wrote) refill.el
Dave Love (wrote) smiley-ems.el
Dave Love (wrote) tool-bar.el
Dave Pearson (changed) [more than 20 files]
......@@ -292,7 +287,7 @@ David J. Mackenzie (changed) [more than 20 files]
David Kegedal (changed) sendmail.el
David K}Gedal (changed) sendmail.el
David K}Gedal (wrote) tempo.el
David Kgedal (changed) xmenu.c
David K,Ae(Bgedal (changed) xmenu.c
David Lawrence (changed) [more than 20 files]
David M Smith (changed) ielm.el
David M. Koppelman (wrote) hi-lock.el
......@@ -506,17 +501,17 @@ Francisco Solsona (changed) message.el
Francois Felix Ingrand (changed) gnus-salt.el
Francois Felix Ingrand (changed) gnus-start.el
Frank Bennett (changed) nnmail.el
Franois Pinard (changed) allout.el
Franois Pinard (changed) bytecomp.el
Franois Pinard (changed) gnus
Franois Pinard (changed) gnus-sum.el
Franois Pinard (changed) gnus-util.el
Franois Pinard (changed) gnus-uu.el
Franois Pinard (changed) gnus-win.el
Franois Pinard (changed) nndoc.el
Franois Pinard (changed) nnmail.el
Franois Pinard (changed) rmailsum.el
Franois Pinard (changed) timezone.el
Fran,Ag(Bois Pinard (changed) allout.el
Fran,Ag(Bois Pinard (changed) bytecomp.el
Fran,Ag(Bois Pinard (changed) gnus
Fran,Ag(Bois Pinard (changed) gnus-sum.el
Fran,Ag(Bois Pinard (changed) gnus-util.el
Fran,Ag(Bois Pinard (changed) gnus-uu.el
Fran,Ag(Bois Pinard (changed) gnus-win.el
Fran,Ag(Bois Pinard (changed) nndoc.el
Fran,Ag(Bois Pinard (changed) nnmail.el
Fran,Ag(Bois Pinard (changed) rmailsum.el
Fran,Ag(Bois Pinard (changed) timezone.el
Fred Fish (changed) linux.h
Fred Oberhauser (changed) nnmail.el
Frederic Lepied (changed) gnus.el
......@@ -843,13 +838,16 @@ K. Shane Hartman (wrote) emacsbug.el
K. Shane Hartman (wrote) helper.el
K. Shane Hartman (wrote) picture.el
K. Shane Hartman (wrote) view.el
Kai Grossjohann (changed) frames.texi
Kai Grossjohann (changed) hooks.texi
Kai Grossjohann (changed) nnheader.el
Kai Grojohann (changed) gnus-cus.el
Kai Grojohann (changed) gnus-sum.el
Kai Grojohann (changed) gnus-util.el
Kai Grojohann (changed) message.el
Kai Grojohann (changed) nnimap.el
Kai Grojohann (changed) nnmail.el
Kai Grossjohann (changed) variables.texi
Kai Gro,A_(Bjohann (changed) gnus-cus.el
Kai Gro,A_(Bjohann (changed) gnus-sum.el
Kai Gro,A_(Bjohann (changed) gnus-util.el
Kai Gro,A_(Bjohann (changed) message.el
Kai Gro,A_(Bjohann (changed) nnimap.el
Kai Gro,A_(Bjohann (changed) nnmail.el
Karl Berry (changed) compile.el
Karl Berry (changed) dired.c
Karl Berry (changed) filelock.c
......@@ -911,23 +909,6 @@ Keisuke Nishida (changed) print.c
Keith Gabryelski (wrote) hexl.el
Ken Manheimer (changed) allout.el
Ken Laprade (changed) simple.el
Ken Manheimer (changed) Added
Ken Manheimer (changed) `icomplete-get-keys'
Ken Manheimer (changed) as
Ken Manheimer (changed) behavior
Ken Manheimer (changed) completions
Ken Manheimer (changed) customization
Ken Manheimer (changed) delay
Ken Manheimer (changed) don't
Ken Manheimer (changed) for
Ken Manheimer (changed) icomplete
Ken Manheimer (changed) input
Ken Manheimer (changed) intrude
Ken Manheimer (changed) quickly
Ken Manheimer (changed) short
Ken Manheimer (changed) so
Ken Manheimer (changed) variables
Ken Manheimer (changed) with
Ken Manheimer (wrote) allout.el
Ken Manheimer (wrote) icomplete.el
Ken Raeburn (changed) [more than 20 files]
......@@ -939,8 +920,6 @@ Kenichi Handa (wrote) ps-print.el
Kenichi Handa (wrote) py-punct.el
Kenichi Handa (wrote) pypunct-b5.el
Kenichi Handa (wrote) quail.el
Kenneth Manheimer (changed) allout.el
Kenneth Manheimer (changed) icomplete.el
Kenneth Stailey (changed) alpha.h
Kenneth Stailey (changed)
Kenneth Stailey (changed) ns32000.h
......@@ -1901,3 +1880,7 @@ Yutaka Niibe (changed) xdisp.c
Zhu Shenghuo (changed) gnus-art.el
Zhu Shenghuo (changed) gnus-cus.el
Zhu Shenghuo (changed) mm-decode.el
Local Variables:
coding: iso-2022-7bit
2000-10-24 Gerd Moellmann <>
* emacs-lisp/authors.el (authors-aliases): Add some more aliases.
(authors): Set file coding system to iso-2022-7bit. Add
file-local variables to output buffer.
* files.el (after-find-file): Don't print any warnings if
WARN is nil.
2000-10-24 Vinicius Jose Latorre <>
* ps-print.el (ps-generate): Fix odd/even pages printing bug.
* delim-col.el: Now there is a column formatting mechanism.
Modified to customization mechanisms convention. Doc fix.
(columns): New group for delim-col.
(delimit-columns-before, delimit-columns-after)
(delimit-columns-format, delimit-columns-extra, delimit-columns-start)
(delimit-columns-end): New vars.
(delimit-columns-customize, delimit-columns-format): New funs.
(delimit-columns-region, delimit-columns-rectangle)
(delimit-columns-rectangle-line): Modified to support column
2000-10-24 Dave Love <>
* log-edit.el (log-edit): Add :version and a :group for vc.
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