Commit 53e5a4e8 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(event-modifiers): New function.

(eventp): New function.
parent ecc71b7f
......@@ -208,6 +208,42 @@ in KEYMAP as NEWDEF those chars which are defined as OLDDEF in OLDMAP."
(append key nil))))
(defsubst eventp (obj)
"True if the argument is an event object."
(or (integerp obj)
(and (symbolp obj)
(get obj 'event-symbol-elements))
(and (consp obj)
(symbolp (car obj))
(get (car obj) 'event-symbol-elements))))
(defun event-modifiers (event)
"Returns a list of symbols representing the modifier keys in event EVENT.
The elements of the list may include `meta', `control',
`shift', `hyper', `super', `alt'.
See also the function `event-modifier-bits'."
(let ((type event))
(if (listp type)
(setq type (car type)))
(if (symbolp type)
(cdr (get type 'event-symbol-elements))
(let ((list nil))
(or (zerop (logand type (lsh 1 23)))
(setq list (cons 'meta list)))
(or (and (zerop (logand type (lsh 1 22)))
(>= (logand type 127) 32))
(setq list (cons 'control list)))
(or (and (zerop (logand type (lsh 1 21)))
(= (logand type 255) (downcase (logand type 255))))
(setq list (cons 'shift list)))
(or (zerop (logand type (lsh 1 20)))
(setq list (cons 'hyper list)))
(or (zerop (logand type (lsh 1 19)))
(setq list (cons 'super list)))
(or (zerop (logand type (lsh 1 18)))
(setq list (cons 'alt list)))
(defmacro save-match-data (&rest body)
"Execute the BODY forms, restoring the global value of the match data."
(let ((original (make-symbol "match-data")))
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