Commit 53ed745a authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong

x-font-family-list has been removed.

parent b0caa7fb
......@@ -1165,6 +1165,10 @@ checking/manipulating elements directly, use the new functions
** `mode-name' is no longer guaranteed to be a string.
Use `(format-mode-line mode-name)' to ensure a string value.
** The function x-font-family-list has been removed.
Use the new function font-family-list (see Lisp Changes, below).
** Internationalization changes
*** The value of the function `charset-id' is now always 0.
......@@ -1631,9 +1635,6 @@ currently `x' and `xft'.
*** The function `set-fontset-font' now accepts a script name as the
second argument, and has an optional 5th argument to control how to
set the font.
*** The function x-font-family-list is now obsolete.
Instead, use the new function font-family-list, below.
*** New functions:
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