Commit 5404d04f authored by David Reitter's avatar David Reitter
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convert_ns_to_X_keysym: define function keys f16 through f24.

parent 4491c9d2
......@@ -110,6 +110,15 @@ Updated by Christian Limpach (
NSF13FunctionKey, 0xCA,
NSF14FunctionKey, 0xCB,
NSF15FunctionKey, 0xCC,
NSF16FunctionKey, 0xCD,
NSF17FunctionKey, 0xCE,
NSF18FunctionKey, 0xCF,
NSF19FunctionKey, 0xD0,
NSF20FunctionKey, 0xD1,
NSF21FunctionKey, 0xD2,
NSF22FunctionKey, 0xD3,
NSF23FunctionKey, 0xD4,
NSF24FunctionKey, 0xD5,
NSBackspaceCharacter, 0x08, /* 8: Not on some KBs. */
NSDeleteCharacter, 0xFF, /* 127: Big 'delete' key upper right. */
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