Commit 5413d873 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* lisp/eshell/em-ls.el (eshell-ls-directory, eshell-ls-symlink): Fix doc typos.

parent cecedb36
2013-10-30 Glenn Morris <>
* eshell/em-ls.el (eshell-ls-directory, eshell-ls-symlink):
Fix doc typos.
* vc/pcvs.el (cvs-status-cvstrees): Autoload to silence compiler.
* (finder-data, autoloads, update-subdirs)
......@@ -100,14 +100,14 @@ faster and conserves more memory."
'((((class color) (background light)) (:foreground "Blue" :weight bold))
(((class color) (background dark)) (:foreground "SkyBlue" :weight bold))
(t (:weight bold)))
"The face used for highlight directories.")
"The face used for highlighting directories.")
(define-obsolete-face-alias 'eshell-ls-directory-face
'eshell-ls-directory "22.1")
(defface eshell-ls-symlink
'((((class color) (background light)) (:foreground "Dark Cyan" :weight bold))
(((class color) (background dark)) (:foreground "Cyan" :weight bold)))
"The face used for highlight symbolic links.")
"The face used for highlighting symbolic links.")
(define-obsolete-face-alias 'eshell-ls-symlink-face 'eshell-ls-symlink "22.1")
(defface eshell-ls-executable
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