Commit 5435c793 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(Fsit_for): Don't lie about the number of args.

parent 9862c135
......@@ -6265,7 +6265,10 @@ An obsolete but still supported form is
Where the optional arg MILLISECONDS specifies an additional wait period,
in milliseconds; this was useful when Emacs was built without
floating point support.
usage: (sit-for SECONDS &optional NODISP) */)
usage: (sit-for SECONDS &optional NODISP OLD-NODISP) */)
/* The `old-nodisp' stuff is there so that the arglist has the correct
length. Otherwise, `defdvice' will redefine it with fewer args. */
(seconds, milliseconds, nodisp)
Lisp_Object seconds, milliseconds, nodisp;
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