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(Documentation): Describe how man pages with

identical names by different sections are handled by M-x man and
M-x woman.
parent 1ca54e68
......@@ -1592,6 +1592,12 @@ the topic. For example, to read the man page for the C library function
manual-entry @key{RET} chmod(2v) @key{RET}} (assuming @code{chmod} is in
section @code{2v}).
If you do not specify a section, the results depend on how the
@code{man} command works on your system. Some of them display only the
first man page they find, others display all the man pages, and you can
page between them with the @kbd{M-n} and @kbd{M-p} keys. The mode line
shows how many manual pages are available in the Man buffer.
@vindex Man-fontify-manpage-flag
For a long man page, setting the faces properly can take substantial
time. By default, Emacs uses faces in man pages if Emacs can display
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