Commit 54643b2c authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(Fminibuffer_complete_word): Calculate string byte

size correctly.
parent 54e67cf7
......@@ -1833,12 +1833,12 @@ Return nil if there is no valid completion, else t.")
i gets index in string of where to stop completing. */
int len, c;
int bytes = STRING_BYTES (XSTRING (completion));
completion_string = XSTRING (completion)->data;
for (; i_byte < STRING_BYTES (XSTRING (completion)); i_byte += len, i++)
c = STRING_CHAR_AND_LENGTH (completion_string + i_byte,
XSTRING (completion)->size - i_byte,
bytes - i_byte,
if (SYNTAX (c) != Sword)
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