Commit 546ec8fb authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(set_file_times): New function.

parent f48c727a
......@@ -3023,36 +3023,34 @@ rename (from, to)
/* HPUX (among others) sets HAVE_TIMEVAL but does not implement utimes. */
utimes ()
set_file_times (path, atime, mtime)
char *path;
EMACS_TIME atime, mtime;
struct timeval tv[2];
tv[0] = atime;
tv[1] = mtime;
return utimes (path, tv);
struct utimbuf {
long actime;
long modtime;
/* The IRIS (3.5) has timevals, but uses sys V utime, and doesn't have the
utimbuf structure defined anywhere but in the man page. */
struct utimbuf
long actime;
long modtime;
utimes (name, tvp)
char *name;
struct timeval tvp[];
struct utimbuf utb;
utb.actime = tvp[0].tv_sec;
utb.modtime = tvp[1].tv_sec;
utime (name, &utb);
utb.actime = EMACS_SECS (atime);
utb.modtime = EMACS_SECS (mtime);
return utime (path, &utb);
#else /* !HAVE_UTIMES && !HAVE_UTIME */
/* Should we set errno here? If so, set it to what? */
return -1;
#endif /* IRIS_UTIME */
#ifdef HPUX
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