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*** empty log message ***

parent 8defe99b
......@@ -70,9 +70,9 @@ nil means use indentation.")
(defvar mail-mode-map nil)
(defvar mail-signature-file "~/.signature"
"*Name of file to insert at the end of the mail buffer.
The text is inserted when the message is initialized.")
(defvar mail-signature nil
"*Text inserted at end of mail buffer when a message is initialized.
If t, it means to insert the contents of the file `~/.signature'.")
(defvar mail-reply-buffer nil)
(defvar mail-send-actions nil
......@@ -124,11 +124,14 @@ so you can edit or delete these lines.")
(if mail-archive-file-name
(insert "FCC: " mail-archive-file-name "\n"))
(insert mail-header-separator "\n")
;; Read the .signature file.
(and mail-signature-file
(file-exists-p mail-signature-file)
(progn (insert "\n")
(insert-file-contents (expand-file-name mail-signature-file))))
;; Insert the signature.
(cond ((eq mail-signature t)
(if (file-exists-p "~/.signature")
(insert "--\n")
(insert-file-contents "~/.signature"))))
(insert mail-signature)))
(goto-char (point-max))
(or (bolp) (newline)))
(if to (goto-char (point-max)))
......@@ -489,7 +492,7 @@ the user from the mailer."
(or atpoint
(delete-region (point) (point-max)))
(insert "\n\n--\n")
(insert-file-contents (expand-file-name mail-signature-file))))
(insert-file-contents (expand-file-name "~/.signature"))))
(defun mail-fill-yanked-message (&optional justifyp)
"Fill the paragraphs of a message yanked into this one.
......@@ -553,8 +556,8 @@ and don't delete any header fields."
When this function returns, the buffer `*mail*' is selected.
The value is t if the message was newly initialized; otherwise, nil.
By default, the file named by the variable `mail-signature-file' is
inserted at the end; by default, this is \"~/.signature\".
By default, the signature file `~/.signature' is inserted at the end;
see the variable `mail-signature'.
While editing message, type \\[mail-send-and-exit] to send the message and exit.
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